Built For Developers

Move Fast.
Break nothing.

The operating system of finance with advanced interoperability, lightning-fast distribution and robust security. Built open source so it’s supported by a dev community of thousands.

Work smart. Not hard.

OpenFin was developed for developers and designed to eliminate the pain points of financial software production. And devoted to the principles of constant improvement and ease of implementation.

  • Cross-Platform
    With OpenFin, you’re building a suite of apps as a native desktop application that works on any OS, even on Web browsers – without porting.
  • HTML5
    OpenFin is built on Chromium. That means it’s automatically cross-platform. It provides better performance than Flash, Silverlight, Java and WPF.
  • Open Source
    We have a strong development community that’s supported OpenFin since the beginning. If you’re looking for a specific framework, chances are someone’s already built it.
  • Unified Operating System
    All OpenFin apps use a single operating layer, enabling easy updates and virtually instant distribution and migration.
Every app is sandboxed so you don’t have to worry about native apps or malicious code getting sneaky with your file system.
OpenFin apps can share messages and contextual data, freeing Web tech from its browser dependence. Any user flow you want to design is within reach.
Legacy Integration
With OpenFin’s adapters and language libraries, you can maintain full integration of your legacy apps until you’re ready to migrate.
Iterative Development
A unified operating layer ensures that you can develop incrementally, quickly, even doing A/B testing.
Freedom From Fixes
We update OpenFin constantly to respond to security threats so you don’t have to. With OpenFin’s operating layer on your desktop, all you need to do is update OpenFin and your apps are protected.
Native Desktop
Even if your app is Web-based, it can run as a native desktop app including notifications (!) with access directly from the system tray.