Why wait for a good thing?

We get it. You’d like to get a new app now, while it’s still fresh. But with your current setup, just getting it past security reviews will take six months.

With OpenFin, you can deploy apps, push updates and manage migration in minutes instead of months.


With great power comes great power.

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you release a new app, you push it onto your team’s desktops the next day and it works smoothly with all of your existing architecture? No? Then maybe you should try OpenFin.

With the power of immediate updates and remote debugging, you may forget what “frustration” means.

Environmental Control

Many apps. One engine.

Right on target.

Everyone has a web browser. Except not everyone prefers the same one. And they get updated frequently. So up to 50% of your development and testing time is spent on cross-browser compatibility. And up to a whopping 70% of production problems are related to browser issues.

With OpenFin, you can leave those issues behind. The engine you test on is the same your apps run on. You decide when to upgrade even on your customers’ desktops. With OpenFin, you’re in control.

  • Eliminate browser-related production problems.
  • Save 30-50% in development and testing time.
  • Develop on the same engine your apps will run on.

Agile Development

How much is that button worth?

Questions of cost and time can stifle innovation. 
How much? How long? And how much real productivity will you generate? OpenFin enables true iterative development, empowering quick updates and A/B tests without threatening your ecosystem. So the only question you’ll have to answer is, where are we going for lunch?

  • Eliminate long development schedules.
  • Drastically reduce costs for new functionality.
  • Improvise, revise and innovate in a dynamic, stable operating environment.

Cross Platform

Build Once. Run Everywhere.

It’s 2020—your apps need to run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux too. But developing on three different platforms is so 2009. With OpenFin’s cross-platform OS, you can build once and run everywhere. Smart, versatile, sophisticated—it’s a good look.

  • Develop with one engine that works seamlessly on all platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Eliminate redundant development and inconsistent user experience.
  • Build your system once and watch it work.