Welcome to OpenFin OS

We provide an application environment that brings a fast and intuitive experience to the financial desktop. Built on top of Google’s Chromium and GitHub’s Electron open source projects, OpenFin combines advanced interoperability, lightning-fast distribution, and robust security with an agile web development and deployment model to accelerate digital transformation and innovation.

With OpenFin, you can:

  • Enable app interoperability across your entire desktop environment
  • Leverage powerful workspace management functionality
  • Break out of the browser tab and enable your web applications to run like native apps
  • Rapidly migrate your legacy apps to the web without compromising UX or feature set
  • Innovate faster, by ensuring fast and seamless deployment of your apps
  • Stay secure as vulnerabilities can’t compromise your operating system – or other apps

These features are a few examples of what you can accomplish with OpenFin OS. To experience all of the options OpenFin has to offer for your application, you can: