Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my existing HTML5 App running in OpenFin?
I am trying to run the openfin-cli tool but npm is giving me errors
Why are my JavaScript calls to the fin.desktop objects undefined?
How should I check that I am running in OpenFin?
How do I change the default websocket’s port?
Does OpenFin provide access to system level process and memory information?
How do I debug my OpenFin Application?
Where is the OpenFin directory located?
Where is the log files location for apps and OpenFin Runtime?
How can I do browser automation in OpenFin?
How can I take a screenshot using Java and Selenium?
How can I disable the Dev Tools context menu?
How do I deploy my app(s) in OpenFin?
What are the directories and permissions that OpenFin runtime need?
What does OpenFin install on a desktop machine?
Does OpenFin make any registry entries when installed?
How do I install OpenFin in a custom location?
How can I customize the OpenFin runtime download screen?
Are there known install incompatibilities?
Does OpenFin work in a Citrix environment?
Does OpenFin support the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI)?
Does OpenFin support the Pepper Plugin API (PPAPI)?
How can I display a Splash screen while my application is loading?
What is the difference between Application.close() and Application.terminate()?
How do I create a notification via the API?
How do I set a system tray icon?
How do I clean OpenFin’s cache?
How can I launch a ClickOnce application?
How do I use a repository for my app to save settings or files?
How does the off-screen behavior work?
How can I have a window exceeding the OpenFin Window boundaries?
What do the numbers in the Runtime version mean?
How does OpenFin choose an authentication scheme when a serverproxy accepts multiple schemes?
What are OpenFin’s default proxy settings?
How do I run an OpenFin application installer silently?
How do I co-deploy assets?
If I drop a file, is there a way to disable displaying it?
Why do some audio/video files not play in OpenFin?
Why does the context menu occasionally not appear?
When OpenFin is packaged to auto-update does the RVM, Runtime or both update?
How often do OpenFin updates occur when auto-updates are enabled?
Who determines which OpenFin Runtime version is needed for packaging?
Are Runtimes and RVMs backwards compatible?
If auto-updates of OpenFin are turned off, under what circumstances are updates to the RVM needed?
Why does OpenFin not update any values in localStorage or sessionStorage, when a window is closed shortly after it is opened?
How do I create an application installer?
How do I communicate via the Interapplication Bus from .NET adapter to HTML5?
Does OpenFin support zoom?
What apps can run in OpenFin?
What operating systems (Windows/Mac/Linux) does OpenFin support?
How is the OpenFin Runtime different from a web browser?
Does OpenFin provide an HTML5 framework?
Does OpenFin host applications?
How are applications updated?
How often does the runtime software need to be upgraded?
How does OpenFin help with migration to HTML5?
Does OpenFin provide equivalent software for mobile?
Does OpenFin support multiple monitors?
Does OpenFin support Single Sign-On (SSO)?
Does the OpenFin Runtime need admin privileges to be installed?
How does OpenFin handle UI performance?
What is the memory footprint of an application running in the runtime?
Does OpenFin support uninstall for an application?
Where are cookies stored within OpenFin?
Does OpenFin support the ability to display PDF files out of the box?
Can an OpenFin application be started from a URL / protocol handler in a web browser?
Does OpenFin provide any specific support for securely caching data, i.e. at rest?
Does an OpenFin application run entirely on the desktop? Are there any calls to external services?
Can I host my own Runtime assets?
Is there a restriction on the size of an individual application?
Is there any dependency on browsers being installed on the desktop?
How do I close the OpenFin Runtime Entirely?
Can I make a transparent window in OpenFin?
What are some common application launch errors?
How do I enable verbose logging or crash reporting for OpenFin?
Does OpenFin support TypeDefinitions?
How do I pass custom data?
How do I retain local storage when upgrading?
Does OpenFin support Chrome features?
How do I add/remove context menu items?
How many http requests can I make?
How do I handle a message received by an EmbeddedView?
How do I check the state of a window?
Why does my main app window stay open after I quit the app?
What are some common runtime errors?
How do I enable API v2?
How do I enable Flash in OpenFin?
How do I enable Flash in the .NET API?
How do I manage shortcut creation?
What are some common issues with authentication?
How do I update an icon image?
How do I launch an OpenFin application?
How do I access offline browsing?
How do I customize a window?
How do I change a window's title?
How do I bring a window to the top of a window stack?
How do I close concurrent running OpenFin applications?
How do I use webworkers in OpenFin?
How do I use a C# adapter in lieu of a C++ adaptor?
Does OpenFin support Scaling?
What is Deep Linking and how does it work?