Seamless interaction.
A better desktop.

Flow. It’s the feeling of satisfaction when everything works perfectly together. Seamless interaction and cross-functionality between your apps. Continuous information awareness. A workflow that’s always a step ahead.

That’s interoperability. And that’s what OpenFin brings to your desktop.

Streamlined Workflow

You make decisions.
Let your apps do the work.

How much time do you waste doing administrative tasks with your current system? With OpenFin, each tool you use works hand-in-hand with every other application, whether it’s brand-new software or critical legacy tech.

Manually rekeying info into multiple apps is a thing of the past. Sharing data happens organically, with fields populating in real time across multiple apps. Research, analytics, price feeds, chat, your order book and more create a landscape of interwoven cross-functionality that enables you to spend more time executing and less time doing digital chores manually.

  • Your apps work together, legacy or new.
  • Free up your decision-making.
  • Cross-functionality works like a mobile OS.

Contextual Data

Share the wealth

Your users are accustomed to contextual data: fill-in forms that auto-populate, browser suggestions that activate after a few keystrokes. So OpenFin gives them what they’re looking for with contextually relevant data sharing between apps.

Legacy Tech Integration

Your oldies can still be goodies.

Your team loves the ‘good’ version of that spreadsheet application. But you need it to work with other apps that were built more than 10 years ago. We feel your pain. That’s why we extended OpenFin with native language adapters for Java, .NET and other major languages.

  • Run any combination of legacy apps and new tech.
  • Seamlessly integrate new HTML5 content into legacy apps.

Native Language Adapters

Marry something old and something new.

Let’s face it, your desktop is a mash up of apps written in many different technologies and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean all of your old apps can’t work with all of your new apps. With our native language adapters for .NET, Java and Adobe Air you can seamlessly integrate old with new and make the most of your existing investments.

  • Include our native language adapter in your existing application.
  • Use the OpenFin API to share data between your legacy and new apps.
  • Snap-and-dock native windows to HTML5 windows.