Meet the OS

Run everything in a familiar desktop environment – yours.

New technology pushes the limits. But disrupting your team’s workflow with a whole new digital work environment can be the opposite of progress.

That’s why OpenFin works with every operating system – Mac, Windows, Linux – to make Web apps run like native desktop apps, giving users the same comfortable desktop experience they already know.


See your apps from every vantage point.

OpenFin enables you to build multi-window desktop apps that look and feel just like native installed apps. Your windows can popup, tearout, snap-and-dock. Legacy and Web apps share the same desktop side-by-side. No worries about hidden tabs, foiled popups or minimized browser windows. The (financial) world is yours.

  • Show all your apps concurrently.
  • Arrange your workspace and save the configuration.
  • Avoid Web app pitfalls like hidden browser tabs, minimized windows and bad URLs.

Get more of what you need to know.

Web-based apps are stuck in browsers, which means they can alert you only with emails­—that get lost in the sea of your inbox. But when a Web-based app deploys on OpenFin, it can leverage powerful features that spark notifications right on your desktop. If something relevant happens, you’re the first to know. And everybody likes to be first.

But first is only the beginning. Notifications can be customized based on market events, sent from app to app, even used to spawn a chat or route an order. What will you be the first to do with OpenFin?

  • Connect notifications to automatic app responses and actions.
  • Improve your decision-making with immediate information.
  • Customize notifications without limits.