Meet the OS

Run your apps on a modern OS designed for the digital age.

Desktop operating systems haven’t kept up with the times. Today, your teams need a digital work environment that enables easy workspace management and automates workflow.

That’s why OpenFin enhances every operating system – Mac, Windows, Linux – to deliver the next generation of desktop OS capabilities today.


Maximize your desktop real estate.

OpenFin enables you to build multi-window desktop apps that look and feel just like native installed apps so you can maximize your desktop real estate. Your windows can sit anywhere on the desktop, with or without frames. Apps you don’t actively watch can be minimized and automatically popped up when needed. Legacy and Web apps share the same desktop side-by-side.

  • Build multi-window, multi-monitor web apps.
  • Drop window frames to save space and customize look and feel.
  • Tearout windows to show only the components you need.
  • Let important windows stay “always-on-top”.
  • Popup minimized windows on important events.

Make the experience sticky.

OpenFin provides snap-and-dock capabilities by default. No coding required. Your windows become sticky like magnets, enabling you to easily arrange your desktop layout. Whether you’re snapping windows from the same app, or windows from an internal app to a vendor app, the experience is seamless.

  • Auto-detection when windows are within the snap region
  • Visual indications if windows can be snapped or not
  • Snap windows to one another on all sides
  • Resize snapped windows as a group
  • Auto-padding of windows for a consistent layout
Workspace Management

Master your workspace even when you travel.

When you use lots of apps across multiple monitors and every inch on your screen matters, you don’t want to rearrange your apps every time you close them or reboot.

OpenFin enables integrated workspace management, leaving all your apps and windows right where you left them.

  • Save your exact app and window configurations across multiple monitors.
  • Recreate your workspace even when you use desktops in different locations.
  • Automatically detect new monitor configurations and push windows to visible monitors.

Get more of what you need to know.

Web-based apps are stuck in browsers, which means they can alert you only with emails­—that get lost in the sea of your inbox. But when a Web-based app deploys on OpenFin, it can leverage powerful features that spark notifications right on your desktop. If something relevant happens, you see it immediately and can action with a single click.

Notifications can be customized to automatically launch apps and streamline workflow. Reply to a chat, respond to an RFQ, view a chart for a fast-moving stock. Real-time events require real-time responses.

  • Connect notifications to automatic app responses and actions.
  • Improve your decision-making with immediate information.
  • Customize notifications without limits.
System Tray Integration

Use every part of the desktop seamlessly.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Like having an easy-access icon for your application in the Windows system tray. Just one more feature that elevates OpenFin above apps that are trapped in browsers.

  • Deep Windows integration enables system tray icons.
  • Even with its main interface closed, your application can run in the background with interaction provided by the system tray.