Introducing OpenFin

OpenFin is introducing a new desktop integration and management solution for finance to accelerate digital transformation across the industry. OpenFin Desktop complements the OpenFin operating system (OS), which is now being used at 1500 banks and buy-side firms. The new offering provides firms with simple, turnkey solutions, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly internal builds.

Private App Directory

Your own private app store.

For mobile there is the Apple App Store and Google Play. But there aren’t established app stores for the desktop and you can’t put your internal apps into a vendor store.

The OpenFin App Directory enables you to instantly provide a private, white-labeled app store for your entire organization. You can curate internal and third-party apps to fully customize your app ecosystem. Best of all, this new service implements FDC3 App Directory standards, which means those apps that no one can find are now easily discoverable and part of the workflow.

Workspace and Window Management

Your workspace,
wherever you work.

Financial desktop users don’t want to think about their software, and every minute spent configuring their workspace is time and money lost.

The OpenFin Workspace and Window Manager solves this problem by providing a solution for creating and storing user workspace configurations. So, if a user switches computers or works remotely, their workspace configuration goes with them. It also makes on-boarding new financial professionals completely seamless.