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28Stone Lithos Volume Matchings

The 28Stone Lithos Volume Matchings demo application demonstrates our deep knowledge and experience delivering user friendly, highly integrated, session-based trading applications while also showcasing some key features of the OpenFin platform.

Over the past decade, market conditions have proliferated the use of session based trading (i.e. time bound trading sessions on a given set of instruments at a single, explicitly defined price per instrument) and made the management of these, often simultaneous, sessions difficult for front office traders. Lithos Matchings is positioned as a matching session aggregator, providing a single point of contact to any number of matching sessions offered by a variety of venues. Lithos Matchings also offers a configurable level of order transparency to traders in each session, ranging from a visualization of open demand on each matching instrument to a completely dark session. Traders have the ability to enter their own demand either directly through the session specific order entry blotter or by using the client-side OpenFin Excel integration to feed prices from a trader’s own position spreadsheet directly into the matching session. Lithos Matchings also provides details on fills both in the session aggregated trade book and through the use of real time trade notifications (which closely mimic the feel of an OS style alert; made possible only through the use of the OpenFin container).

The OpenFin container allows 28Stone to leverage the latest HTML5 standards to deliver the richest possible user experience in a web deployed application without worrying about the complexities and nuances of supporting the often antiquated web browsers available on traders’ desktops. Targeting this single deployment environment allows 28Stone to keep the Lithos Matchings code base as simple, nimble and maintainable as possible and significantly reduces both development and testing time. Lithos Matchings uses OpenFin’s desktop integration features to create the same multi-window experience and desktop notification functionality that traders are accustomed to with native applications. Lithos Matchings seamlessly integrates with Excel via OpenFin’s client-side integration APIs allowing traders to incorporate Lithos Matchings functionality into their standard portfolio management spreadsheets.