The Fastest and Most Feature-Rich HTML5 DataGrid Solution Available on the Market

AdaptableBlotter.JS is an HTML5 DataGrid add-on, written entirely in JavaScript. Lightweight but immensely powerful and ready for immediate use, AdaptableBlotter.JS is the fastest and most feature-rich HTML5 DataGrid solution available on the market.

AdaptableBlotter.JS - the Fastest Fully-Featured HTML5 Grid on the Market

Adaptable Blotter provides all the powerful, advanced functionality that financial users expect. It is suitable for any type of blotter, can be populated with any data, and used anywhere in any organisation. It integrates well with OpenFin’s fast Hypergrid, adding a huge range of superior features enabling users to be more productive. When run in OpenFin, it also offers:

  • Live Updates: data exported to Excel syncs in line with Blotter changes
  • Configurable system tray alerts for important notifications
  • Multiple Blotter functionality – with each sharing events and updates