Design and Code of Custom Solutions for the Financial Markets.

FastFin is a boutique financial markets consultancy. We work collaboratively with you to understand your ideas and pain-points, then rapidly design and code custom solutions to meet your exact needs.

With marquee clients across the globe, we help financial institutions increase productivity, reduce cost, and meet regulatory needs through design and cutting-edge technology.

Market Magnets by FastFin

Designed and coded in 14 days – Market Magnets brings together cutting edge technologies such as OpenFin to unlock rich interactivity in a utility for viewing market data across multiple asset classes.

  • Rich multi-channel interactivity with mobile and voice capabilities
  • Snap and position magnets to create the optimal desktop layout for you
  • Output of a 2-week Innovation Kickstarter, Market Magnets went through several iterations of rapid ideation, design, and prototyping

Research Center by FastFin

Research Center by FastFin showcases how OpenFin can enhance an HTML5 app using Toast notifications – harnessing the rich functionality of the desktop OS while still benefiting from the web’s lightweight portability and universal deployability.

Swipe right on the Research Center mobile app to send toast notifications to the desktop app.

  • Swipe to send notifications from mobile to desktop
  • HTML5
  • Toast Notifications