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StockFlux is a Powerful Charting Application for Global Equities Markets

Developed by Scott Logic, StockFlux is a reference implementation of the OpenFin API. It allows users to explore the price and performance of various stocks via a novel desktop interface.

Users can open windows by dragging tiles out of the favourites pane, drag them back to re-dock, collapse a window to create a tile view and re-open closed windows in their original state.

  • Snap & Dock windows
  • Layout management
  • Tear-out components

OpenFin React Hooks provide a consistent user experience across applications

Wrapping up the OpenFin API in a higher-level hooks abstraction allows developers to share common functionality across React-based OpenFin applications.

Even the simpler hooks bridge various versions of the OpenFin API, providing a consistent interface around OpenFin regardless of what environment the application resides within. Contribute to the development of React Hooks.