Here are big ticket items we plan to work on in 2017. This is a rough roadmap and is subject to change, but we would like to give our customers insight into what’s next for OpenFin.


  • Node Adapter – This will set the stage for potential integrations with existing Electron apps and plugins leveraging Node (i.e. Bloomberg)
  • Log Management – Separate app logs from Runtime logs and add the ability to manage log storage locations (on a server as opposed to desktop)
  • 64-Bit Builds – Add support for 64-bit Runtimes, which will raise the memory limit from 700MB to 4GB
  • Plugin Architecture – Provide an easy way for OpenFin developers to extend their apps with reusable packages that provide various APIs and services
  • Full Cross-Platform Support for Runtime and RVM – Full feature parity for the Runtime and RVM on Mac and Linux, with Windows


  • Self-Install as Default – The RVM will perform a self-install and execute from a target install dir
  • Runtime Heartbeat Service – This feature is needed to support multi-Runtime environments and will detect if the Runtime is successfully running on a desktop
  • App Asset Retrieval Management – Ability for Desktop Owners to override where third-party applications retrieve their app assets from; this enables a Desktop Owner to host the assets on their own network after having cleared them for usage

Excel Integration

  • Revamp Installation – It will now permanently install and run each time Excel starts up
  • Improve Deployment – Deploy the integration via a plugin folder, instead of a temp one

Completed 1H 2017


  • Chromium Upgrade [53+] – Upgraded to latest Chromium in version 7 of OpenFin
  • Open Source – We open sourced OpenFin in our Hadouken project
  • Multi-Runtime Environment – Communication is supported between different versions of the Runtime for version
  • Group Policy API Feature Support – Added numerous features, like giving Desktop Owners the ability to manage app access to the clipboard API (version
  • Typescript Integration


  • Semantic Versioning – Ability for App Providers to indicate a range of acceptable Runtime versions that are available for use within a Desktop Owner’s network (Added in RVM
  • Whitelisting Apps – Ability for Desktop Owners to indicate which OpenFin apps are approved to run within its network, via Group Policy (Added in RVM
  • RVM Singularity – Any newly launched RVMs will kill an existing RVM if it is an older version

.NET Adapter

  • Browser Navigation – Added browser-like navigation features that include forward/backward navigation, get window URL, and get history
  • Remote JavaScript Execution – Added the ability to execute JavaScript functions on applications/child windows created by the C# API
  • Support Semantic Versioning – Application Providers are able to target a range of OpenFin Runtimes hosted within a Desktop Owner’s environment; Changed default `RuntimeOptions.Version` value to always match the major version of the Adapter.