Protect your desktop.

When you use OpenFin to run your desktop apps, you’re making an investment in security for yourself and your customers. With threats escalating every day, you can’t afford to compromise.


Preventing threats requires actual security.

Native apps have unfettered access to your operating system. They can steal files, download malware and threaten your desktop. That’s why they need security reviews. But that only lessens your risk.

With OpenFin, your apps are thinking inside the box, completely partitioned from your native OS – and each other – with sandboxing. Your desktop is protected. Your apps don’t need security reviews. Deployment timelines shrink. And app vulnerabilities don’t turn into catastrophes.

  • Built-in sandboxing corrals each app’s operations.
  • Vulnerabilities can’t compromise your operating system – or other apps.
  • Sandboxing eliminates security reviews, drastically reducing deployment timelines.

Permissions and Group Policy

Control your apps. Empower your people.

Native apps can save files to your file system, read your clipboard or even launch another app. Great functionality until you consider that these basic tasks can leave your system vulnerable.

OpenFin enables your apps to perform useful tasks while letting IT security block functionality. Some operating systems call it ‘permissions.’ Windows calls it ‘Group Policy.’ We call it smart security management.

  • OpenFin’s API can restrict or whitelist native apps.
  • Basic permissions can be retained while reserving IT security’s ability to block functionality.

Constantly Updated

We handle updates.
 You reap the benefits.

Conventional wisdom has it that slow change equals security. But Google alone delivers major new versions of Chromium every 6 weeks and additional security fixes in between. Can you keep up?

OpenFin’s engineering team does the hard work of keeping up with Google, making it easy for you to instantly push security fixes so you and your customers are always protected.

  • Easily consume Chromium security updates from Google.
  • OpenFin manages the integration and ensures backward compatibility with your apps.
  • Push fixes instantly across all of your user base.