Secure HTML5 Runtime

OpenFin runs HTML5 desktop applications outside the web browser with the performance,
capabilities and security required on financial desktops.

Supported in Windows XP\7\8 and Mac OS x            



Extend web apps to look and behave like installed apps.

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Use Cases

Use OpenFin for trading platforms, real-time market data and more.

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Deployment Options

Package the runtime or deploy it with our lightweight web installer.

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Advanced Windowing API

An API that lets your web apps look and behave like installed apps.

Rich Notifications

Create notifications for real-time alerting and time-sensitive events.


Drag components out of the main window
frame onto the desktop.

Docking Support

Snap windows together for easier
window management.

Rich HTML Frames

Create custom title bars and frames
for your apps.

Animation Effects

Use hardware-accelerated
window animations.

Saving State

Maintain window size and position between
app sessions.


Native language adapters for interoperability with native desktop applications, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Excel.

Inter Application Messaging

A local messaging bus that enables applications to share data and communicate securely with one another.


A security model designed to meet the strict requirements of the financial industry.


Apps are securely isolated from each other and from system resources.


No external dependencies, 100% self contained runtime.

Secure Communications

App to App communication over a secure client side bus.


Group policy based management.


A web runtime compatible with all HTML5 frameworks, Flash and Silverlight.