OpenFin partners bring it all together.

Adaptive’s Reactive Trader Cloud - a state of the art real-time FX etrading demo application

Real-time e-commerce is fundamentally changing the way business is conducted within financial services, capital, and commodity markets. Reactive Trader Cloud is Adaptive's reference implementation of an eFX trading platform using many of the tools and techniques we use to deliver bespoke solutions for our clients.

  • Look and feel: Native OS frames with totally frameless tear-outs
  • Window management: Position tear-outs to create bespoke layouts
  • Cross app comms: Workflows implemented across different applications

GM Watchlist by Giant Machines

GM Watchlist allows users to curate their watchlist, enable price alerts, and submit orders the instant an alert is triggered. The application was built using the React.js framework and utilizes OpenFin’s pub/sub Inter-application Message Bus along with the Yahoo Finance API for real-time quote data. OpenFin’s flexible platform allows for seamless communication across multiple windows and interactive desktop notifications that transition from a price alert to an order ticket with a single click.

    Research Center by FastFin

    Research Center by FastFin showcases how OpenFin can enhance an HTML5 app using Toast notifications – harnessing the rich functionality of the desktop OS while still benefiting from the web’s lightweight portability and universal deployability.

    Swipe right on the Research Center mobile app to send toast notifications to the desktop app.

    • Swipe to send notifications from mobile to desktop
    • HTML5
    • Toast Notifications

    StockFlux is a powerful charting application for global equities markets

    StockFlux, by Scott Logic, is an application that allows users to explore the price and performance of various stocks via a novel desktop interface.

    Users can open multiple windows by dragging tiles outside of the favourites pane, re-dock by dragging them back in, ‘collapse’ a window to create a compact tile view and re-open recently closed windows in their original state.

    • Snap & Dock windows
    • Layout Management
    • Tear-out components

    The Trader Dashboard provides live updates of price changes from a data feed.

    Combining ag-Grid with OpenFin delivers the powerful features of a JavaScript datagrid with the UX of the desktop. It updates in real-time with visual indicators, users can tear out windows and arrange across multiple monitors, the grid will resize. It targets the URL of the application and OpenFin takes care of the rest.

    • Tear Out Windows for Multiple Monitor Support
    • Inter application bus
    • Powerful JavaScript Datagrid Functionality

    Lithos by 28Stone

    28Stone’s Lithos Volume Matchings is a fixed price, session based matching platform with the ability to simultaneously process multiple matching sessions initiated by a variety of Brokers. The platform enables order entry either directly through the session specific UI or via a client side integrated Excel spreadsheet. Utilizing OpenFin’s API the Lithos’s windows are dockable to provide a single window.

      NORMAN & SONS Nautilus is a risk management app for financial markets

      NORMAN & SONS has developed Nautilus, a risk management application for financial markets. Integrate with existing trading platforms using openFin. Tear off relevant filters to persist them on the desktop.

      • Scrub through time to see risk trends
      • Zoom into different filters by division, product etc.
      • Be alerted to the market moves that have the biggest impact on P&L

      AdaptableBlotter.JS - the fastest fully-featured HTML5 grid on the market

      Adaptable Blotter provides all the powerful, advanced functionality that financial users expect. It is suitable for any type of blotter, can be populated with any data, and used anywhere in any organisation. It integrates well with OpenFin’s fast Hypergrid, adding a huge range of superior features enabling users to be more productive. When run in OpenFin, it also offers:

      • Live Updates: data exported to Excel syncs in line with Blotter changes
      • Configurable system tray alerts for important notifications
      • Multiple Blotter functionality – with each sharing events and updates

      Beacon Scrolling News by Perpetual

      Beacon is a scrolling news application providing live updating news from 50 news sources including CNBC, Reuters and The New York Times. You can search for keywords across thousands of articles, select sources and bookmark specific articles to get immediate and convenient access to financial news directly on your desktop.

      • Search by keyword and access scrolling news in realtime
      • Filter results by over 50 news sources
      • Bookmark chosen articles for subsequent reading and research

      Regulation Impact by Fathom

      Fathom London’s regulation tool demo streamlines the process many teams face when assessing the impact of regulations, such as MiFid II across an organisation. Browse, filter and search regulation clauses assigned across the team for assessment. When you’re ready, start the interview process. A new window opens, utilising OpenFin’s powerful tear off functionality. The communication between windows enables the user to input interview content at the same time as keeping an eye on the overall team activity.


        The Lightstreamer demo application is a simulated order book utilizing Lightstreamer’s high-speed client-server messaging and integrated with OpenFin’s Hypergrid. The application illustrates the performance of an HTML5 front end with a high frequency, high volume API.