Global Front-End Consulting & Implementation Services

DataArt brings together the expertise of over 3500 professionals across US, UK, Europe, and Latin America. Powered by our People First principle, we work with clients at any scale and adapt alongside them as they evolve.

We help to adopt the best front-end design, implementation, and maintenance practices, build greenfield applications, transition from legacy monolithic to modular UI that is easy to maintain and extend, with superior UX.

Legacy transformation for Trading Solution Accelerator (TSA)

The demo showcases the legacy transformation that DataArt completed for the Trading Solution Accelerator (TSA). Originally written as a heavy monolithic Angular application, TSA could only be executed in web browser. In the space of only a few weeks, DataArt gradually broke it down into micro-frontend components that can now be executed on the OpenFin platform as independent micro-applications, and function together as a modular modern frontend application.

DataArt can leverage these components, the methodology applied on this project, and its extensive application transformation expertise to accelerate your transformation journey.

  • Micro-front-end application modules
  • Data Context Sharing
  • FDC3 interoperability
  • Independent widgets for Quotes, Charts, Orders, trades and portfolio management